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my first homemade tattoo. the morning after i did this, i started crying. finally feeling something permanent was so new to me i didn’t know how else to react.
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The person asking about poems is asking about Anna Peters, who had this url before you. To find her work the anon should just google her (:

oh ok i get it now. I’m sorry i had no idea that someone had this url before me! To all you of interested in her, I managed to find her new blog: (:

Anonymous asked:
what happened to all of your past work? I wanted to read your old poems again, but I couldn't find them.

past work? sorry but I don’t have any other writing pieces other than what is on this blog. i think you’re mistaken with someone else?

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Anonymous asked:
how do you get light leaks on your photos ? theyre lovely xx !

thank you :) I use a very old film camera and the light seal isn’t very strong anymore, so sometimes a lot of light gets through, causing light leaks. actually, a lot of my photos come out ruined because of this. but if you really want light leaks without buying a film camera you can find photoshop textures if you just google it :) hope i helped

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