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radozzy asked:
Are these lovely writings going to be in a bound version or are they already? I am blown away :)

this is such a huge compliment aha thank you!~ they’re not currently being sold as books but they will be by the end of next year if things go well!

Anonymous asked:
I'm not sure if this is the right site, but I'm interested in procuring a copy of "Less Like a Love Story" and I'm coming up empty at all my go-to sites. Is this still being published? TIA :)

Hello! I just recently learned that a girl named Anna Peters used to have this url before me, so i think its her book that you are looking for :) I’m not sure if it’s still available, but I know that you can ask her at her new url, which is

sorry for any confusion xx

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my first (homemade) tattoo. finally feeling something permanent is so new to me
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The person asking about poems is asking about Anna Peters, who had this url before you. To find her work the anon should just google her (:

oh ok i get it now. I’m sorry i had no idea that someone had this url before me! To all you of interested in her, I managed to find her new blog:¬† (:

Anonymous asked:
what happened to all of your past work? I wanted to read your old poems again, but I couldn't find them.

past work? sorry but I don’t have any other writing pieces other than what is on this blog. i think you’re mistaken with someone else?